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Lizzie joined the farm in 2021 after working on several farms around the valley. After spending most of her life on the East Coast, Lizzie landed in the Methow Valley in 2018, and is an active community member in all aspects of the food/flower systems.

Lizzie is the force behind starting the flower operation and hopes to include tubers and (maybe!) events in the future. She makes a mean garden map, has her sights set on a sub-one-minute bouquet someday, and hopes to incorporate more tubers and perennials in the coming years.

On and off the farm, Lizzie is an avid learner: she's trained in many holistic practices, is curious about humanity, and also might serve you up a plate of delicious local food at The Mazama Store or Tappi. Lizzie shares Posterity Farm's mission in focusing the farm on more than just growing food for the highest bidder.

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